About the author

Peter Simon Karp, President of BSI Global Research, Inc., and The Concept Testing Institute, became the instant “Caregiver” to his brilliant wife, Mona, when she was suddenly stricken with terminal lung cancer in her mid-50s. As Caregiver, he was with her every moment as they found the best doctors and most promising MSK clinical trial. When Mona’s mind betrayed her with “logjam chemo brain,” the hospital sent her home like a soldier with PTSD to face a psychiatric ward and death. But Caregiver and family team helped break her downward spiral, and Mona found the space to empower herself to become a cancer warrior and believer in her own “Survival”!

Peter’s time spent as Mona’s Caregiver constituted the finest moments of the author’s life, with her day-and-night trying to save the life of his beloved wife..

A Hobart College graduate with a Columbia MFA in playwriting, Peter coauthored “Competing on Value,” Amacom, and authored “Time Chords: Stones ~ Drowning,” two recent novellas.